24 May 2011

yesUmay - Don't Mind If I Do

There are really few things in life more satisfying than a cookie, and yesUmay Cookies in Mount Pleasant does not disappoint. Local owner and cookie connoisseur, Ashley Swider, brings a simple philosophy to her cookies - enjoy life through deliciously unique flavor combinations that create the perfect sweet treat. These are truly not your average cookies - even her take on a plain ol' chocolate chip variety (Milk's Companion) brings a certain decadence that you just won't find in a roll of Pillsbury or even your average from-scratch recipe. 

They were out of the monthly flavor variety when I went in, but be sure to ask about their changing flavor. This month's is a vegan cookie! Here is what I did try - 

Blissed Out: Toffee, chocolate and a hint of sea salt. Far and away my favorite yesUmay cookie to date. I love the crunch of the sea salt with the sweet toffee. 

Optimistic Chew: Oatmeal, butterscotch and apple. I love butterscotch! This is one cookie you could potentially get away with for breakfast. Did I mention that it has butterscotch? Yum.

Sweet Satisfaction: Oh. My. This cookie has delicious buttercream frosting that manages not to overpower the delicate sugar cookie underneath. It was rich, but delicious nonetheless.

Abundant Bite: Gogi berries and dark chocolate. Okay, this cookie could even be construed as good for you. Yes, I know. Radical. Goji berries and dark chocolate are high in antioxidants and other nutritives that are good for the skin, hair and nails, in addition to help protect against certain types of cancer. 

In short, I love the cookies and yesUmay has set the bar high in terms of both quality and creativity. I recommend yesUmay after a long day at work, on a night-in with friends or if you're looking to give that perfect gift people will truly appreciate. Because after all, there are really few things in life more satisfying than a cookie. 
Blissed Out

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