08 December 2009

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is - One Foodie's Quest to Buy Local this Christmas

This year, I have been inspired. Inspired to start my own business, inspired to stay in a city that I love for no other reason but the fact that I love it, and inspired to take action on the causes that I believe in most.

This year, I have fervently embraced buying local. Nonprofit oganization, Lowcountry Local First, gets much of the credit for motivating me to consciously act on the conviction that buying locally is a selfish act really -  not only am I putting my own hard-earned money back into the community which I love and live, but as a small business owner, I am profiting from the generation of more local commerce.

So then, why wouldn't I? It's good for everybody else, too. Local farms, restaurants, small businesses of all kinds - we share this common interest in the state of our local economy. In a world where we as individuals fail to impact our national or global economic situation, we can embrace the opportunity as a community to significantly affect our local economy. Below are examples of my switch to the 'Local Mentality'.

 - Need a key made? Can of spray paint? Go to Jantzen, Hughes or True Value Hardware, not Lowe's or  Wal-Mart.

 - Want the perfect holiday card? Check out the RSVP Shoppe or mac & murphy, instead of Hallmark or online card stores.

 - Ordering a birthday cake? Need a holiday pie? Skip the Publix bakery and go to WildFlour Pastry (save money and taste heaven at the same time!)

 - Have to do your grocery shopping? Piggly Wiggly is locally owned/operated and the Vegetable Bin offers the best selection of seasonal fruits and veggies at a very reasonable price. Ted's Butcherblock sells all natural meats, cheeses from around the world.

 - Need a cup of coffee and some wi-fi? Starbucks is played out and you PAY for the wi-fi. Try one of dozens of coffee joints locally owned and operated - Alchemy Coffee, Kudu, City Lights, Kronic Coffee, Muddy Waters and more.

So, as I begin my Christmas shopping, I will document here my efforts to buy them all locally. I will do my best and let you know how I fair. Good luck and BUY LOCAL!


  1. Congrats on the foodie blogroll!


  2. Love your blog -- i'm also a blogger from Mt. Pleasant... I do barbecuetricks.com -- noticed the site on my foodieblogroll widget.