02 November 2010

Belgian in the District

Washington, D.C. is a melting pot, which aptly applies to all of the District's moving parts. From the people on the Metro, to the neighborhoods and restaurants, to the open air markets, our nation's capital provides a plethora of some of the best and most diverse eats and treats in the country.

If you crave it, you can find it. We wanted a hearty brunch, and Belga had it. Located on Barracks Row in Capitol Hill, I am not sure I could have named a famous Belgian food other than chocolate and waffles before eating at Belga. But who needs more than chocolate and waffles? Stuffed pastry cigars, mussels, duck confit, lamb burgers and more served in a style that is both old and new world. Belga is true to its roots, while infusing enough creativity to keep things interesting.

I had a chicken pita with garlic sauce that was extraordinary. That is rare to say about a chicken pita. For one, the presentation was gorgeous and the flavors were multi-dimensional. How? I'm still not sure. I tasted lots of fresh garlic and hints of nutmeg though. It was served with a yogurt-cucumber sauce. Other menu hits included a Croque Madame and a savory cornbread waffle with pulled pork and a poached egg. And of course, strong European coffee helps every hangover... =) They were slammed due to the Rally to Restore Sanity at the National Mall, but it was well worth the wait. It should also be noted that despite the fact they had been swamped all morning, our service was excellent. 

We also strolled through the Eastern Market in Capitol Hill near where my friend Anna lives. I am so jealous of cities that have farmers markets open daily. So, so much amazing stuff all in one place including fresh cheeses, meats, seafood, pasta, produce, flowers and on the weekends, handmade wares and local artisans. City of Charleston, this is my plea. 

We ate at We, the Pizza too, which is a favorite of the First Family and owned by Top Cheffer, Spike Mendelsohn. His burger joint next door is also a local favorite. I can't wait to venture back. Roaming the streets of Washington makes me want to try it all!
Belga Cafe
tin can art at Eastern Market

Country Funk (love)
Blowfish at Eastern Market (also on the menu at Hominy Grill!)
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