06 October 2009

Recession Savvy Foodie

If there is an upside to the nation's economic woes, it is that locally, businesses are embracing unprecedented customer service and benefits, offering pocket-friendly deals to customers in order to maintain their bottom line. This is no where more evident than in the food &  beverage industry. Many of Charleston's best restaurants and specialty stores are modifying their businesses to best serve their customers. 

Tristan's Dinner Incentive Card offers half price on any bottle of wine on Monday/Tuesday nights (under $75) in addition to their new (and affordable) bar menu and Sunday brunch. They have a new chef and everything we tried recently was tasty. 

Red Drum Gastropub (Coleman Blvd.) has added a Margarita Madness happy hour on Thursdays as well as a Sunday Brunch. The Red Drum never disappoints, and the brunch menu is cheap and diverse with plenty of Chef Berryhill's signature Southwestern touch.

Fish Restaurant is doing half price wines on Monday and "Mercy of the Chef" night on Tuesdays - 3 courses for $25, 5:30-8:30pm.  But as long as you go early, they have a deal every day of the week. 

Oak Steakhouse even has a Sunday Brunch, and recently held a recipe contest awarding one local talent a night at Oak for two. 

I have also noticed a serious surge in wine, sake, fondue and sushi tastings, in-store cooking demos and foodie classes- from Queen St. Grocery, Caviar &
 Bananas, Avondale Wine & Cheese, Ted's Butcherblock, Bull St. Gourmet and the like, you can sample new and different store pairings for a nominal fee ($10). I want to try the sushi tasting at Caviar & Bananas next. Who's with me? 

So, I say thank you, recession. For forcing businesses back to their customer base, and for breeding new and innovative ideas. I look forward to reaping the benefits.

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