20 August 2009

Local Produce - Charleston Farmer's Market

The Charleston Farmer's Market definitely has the widest variety of heirloom tomatoes that I have ever seen in one place. Along with good-looking green bell peppers, and some of my summer favorites including fat, juicy peaches and scuppernongs/muscadines!

If you have never heard of a scuppernong/muscadine, it's a type of grape, except about 100 times more delicious. The skin is thicker than a grape, so you put the stem end in your mouth and pop it open, sucking out the fruit which is a really rich, sweet flavor that makes them popular for jams/preserves. You can eat the skin if you like which I do occasionally, but it tends to be tart. These were local, which was impressive considering their short growing season. They are indigenous of North Carolina and only grow in extreme heat and humidity (hmmm, sounds familiar).


  1. Man that looks good. Farmers markets rock. The one here in Birmingham isnt too bad.

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